Divorce & Mediation


Stephanie has over 21 years of experience working with families who seek collaborative ways of resolving their disputes with mediation, collaborative divorce, co-parenting counseling and family therapy. She is recognized for her expertise in crafting “Best Interest of the Child” parenting agreements for divorcing couples in her own practice and in consulting with Family Law Attorneys and their clients with these agreements as well as on custody issues.

Stephanie consults with parents who are separating, in the process of divorce and post dissolution, to assist in creating the explanation script for the children, to devise a custody and visitation plan, and to iron out the details of co parenting, always with the children’s best interests in mind. She assists in the custody transition, monitoring the progress and need for plan adjustment according to the children’s age and developmental needs. Consultations can include the creation of parenting plans as well as parenting advice and direction.

Stephanie works with co-parents no longer sharing a household to smooth the co-parenting experience for the affected children.

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