Canine Colleague


Both research and anecdotal evidence attest to the physical and emotional benefits of dogs to human companions and patients.  Dr. Emmie, Stephanie’s adorable, funny, sweet-tempered, poodle-smart, eight-pound hypoallergenic therapy wonder dog is no exception.

Dr. Emmie is frequently called into service on an as needed basis.  Otherwise she sleeps at Stephanie’s  feet where an occasional snore is not to be taken personally. She puts anxious, phobic children and adults at ease, lifts their spirits, soothes and resources those who are suffering from trauma, grief and loss, and has coaxed many a child on the Asperger’s spectrum into fuller emotional and tactile connection. In fact, she has invited many a pediatrician to check out her ears, listen to her heart and have her blood pressure gauged to pave the way for reluctant Autistic children to follow suit. She’s pretty much game for anything and patiently endures playing dress-up with young girls and boys who assign her roles, feelings and thoughts in their internal drama which Dr. Emmie then sagely interprets.
Dr. Emmie, a VIP at Children’s Hospital and UCLA has more than once been invited into ICU. In one notable case, physicians and nurses were amazed at the unusually fast recovery of one of Ms. Small’s young patients recovering from significant surgery.

She loves small tennis balls and chicken treats. In fact, just make your check out to her.

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